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If we plan one a meet up could be a thing that happens, but right now I haven't heard of any that are planned.
I'm doing LOTR on Friday and Sunday...because some friends can only do the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings costumes Friday, and some can only do it on Sunday.
We could plan a meetup for each of those days?...

Anyway, I'm being Éowyn as long as I get my costume done(didn't get to start yet and ugh that belt. I'm just worried about the belt, everything else is easy. Wish I could just commission the damn thing).
And as of right now, I know of 3 Galadriels, 2 Arwens, 2 Bilbos, and another Éowyn going. That's just people I know of, I'm sure there will be others. And one of the Arwens, who is doing LOTR on Sunday, said she has a group- I don't know who or how large.

Anyway, whether we set up gatherings or not, I'd love to get pictures with you and your friend!!!

And the title of this is hilarious. XD

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