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Hi there! From what I can tell, it just looks like a stylized bob with hair thats a little longer upfront? I found a few, and they are super amazing quality (kinda hard to find with funky colors like grey) but here are a couple of ideas!

This one is the most expensive, but it looks the best. It will require cutting the back and fluffing the fringe though, but it has a skin top and looks nice.

This one is cheaper and already has a style... But could maybe be relaxed with a few washings if you could be bothered by that.

This one is layered and fluffy if thats the look you would like. With almost all wigs the fringe would have to be cut, and for the style you want the back as well.

Good luck, I hope these gave you some ideas! You might also check out, I really like their wigs, and I think the Cindy

would work well for this style. Best of luck! <3
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