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Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
Still, is there any trophy for getting to +4 in a covenant? If so, joining it yourself wouldn't be a waste of time, and you stand to lose absolutely nothing. o.o
Nah, only for "discovering" the covenant. I don't think that you even have to join to unlock the trophy. But you do have to level up in a couple of the covenants to get all of the miracles and spells if you want those trophies. I always join the Forest covenant so that

1. I don't get chased around on my way to repeated attempts at Sif,
2. I can kill the ninja for his awesome ring.

Then I join the spider lady covenant so that I can open the short cut and save Solaire. Then finally I join the Sunbros which is where I belong, cooperating jollily.

Only three more bosses to go at SL1. Four Kings was hard as balls! Way harder than O&S.
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