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Originally Posted by Larcenciel View Post
You know, I was planning on it, but when I talked to them, they told me that I would need my primary doctor in their clinic for me to see them. My family doctor, I cannot give up on. ):....

Sucks too because I am by that area almost every day. My job actually is to take people from the Sheraton right outside of Anime Boston, and bring them to Time Square and make another trip back, which is right down the street of Fenway Health. :/.... It's a shame, but I am hoping to see a therapist near my town soon. I talked to a Thomas Lewis at Fenway Health who told me this. ):....

Well, DW7 is being remade for the 3DS if you ever pick that up. I just..... adored DW7 in practically every way. Characters could have been better, but it was terrific. Great to see another Dragon Warrior fan in the Boston area. :3
I'm actually not in the Boston area. Went to college up in Boston for a year and met a few people, one of whom now works at Fenway Health in the TG department.

I am, however, coming from NJ and leaving from NYC for Anime Boston. I usually take Megabus or Boltbus, though they leave from NY Penn Station. Didn't know there was a service that leaves from Time Square. Will have to look into it.
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