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I am specifically working on a Chell costume. I've ordered a bright orange jumpsuit of unknown fabric content. I'll be able to figure it out in a few days when it arrives.

I know that there is a difference in weathering cotton versus synthetic fabrics. Most synthetic fabrics tend to resist wear & tear and stains of all kinds better than natural fibers.

What is one of the better ways to make my bright orange jumpsuit (assuming it is a poly blend vs 100% cotton) a little bit less bright? And show some wear spots. Not necessarily through the fabric, but like maybe its been through a few test subjects already?

Now that I think about it, I should just temporary hem it to fit my six year old and put it on over her snowsuit. Even the thicker reinforced patches on her knees and her bottom hems are getting worn, dirty and frayed.

I guess I would like a way of weathering in hours, days, or weeks, instead of daily for months. I have until July, I just have several costumes to get done by then so I want to start as early as I can.
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