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I'm being very, very brave and doing my second book cosplay. This time, though, it will be for a public event (Anime Central) instead of just a costume to wear to a friend's Halloween party.

My first book cosplay was a Kender from the Dragonlance series (Not a specific character, just Kender.) I didn't worry at all about what the fabrics were or how everything coordinated, because that's just how a kender dresses (mismatched clothing that is often traded with other Kender they meet on their travels) The pictures were quite glorious and rather, well.... retina-burning. Especially once I got into character and started randomly grabbing people's things and keeping them for the rest of the night.

My second book cosplay will be much more subdued. I'm going as Karigan G'ladeon from the Green Rider series. Thankfully the first two book covers show the character in her Rider uniform, so I at least have some source material to base my design off of. The character is also a textile merchant's daughter, so her clothing is described in great detail. Unfortunately, as I don't have a ton of money at my disposal, I'll have to cut some corners (the coat will be microsuede instead of wool. It will also be in May, and wool doesn't sound too alluring for May weather...) I'm extremely excited for this cosplay, especially since the part of the costume I thought would be hardest to find (a gold winged horse brooch) was actually the easiest, as my mom happened to have one.
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