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Things Everyone should bring, regardless of how long you're staying:

-YOUR BADGE or your confirmation email printoff if you don't have it yet. (this applies to pre-registration only. if you are buying your ticket at the convention, disregard this [though pre-registration is HIGHLY encouraged])
-YOUR OWN LANYARD WITH AN ID SLEEVE FOR THE BADGE (the ones at the con break easily)
-wallet and ID
-Carrying canvas bag or backpack
-hand sanitizer
-painters tape with or without initials to mark stuff as your's if it gets lost
-sinus, headache, stomach, sleeping and other medications
-comfy insoles
-change of shoes that you have worn already (everyday sneakers, sandals, something you're comfy with)
-cellphone and charger
-camera and charger, extra memory cards
-highlighter for the program book as a reminder
-refillable water bottle
-food, even if its just a snack
-money in cash form (you may want to bring more than $20, especially if you plan to buy things. most vendors do not have a debit/credit machine and the ATMs are prone to running out of money)
-a printout of the map and schedule list (print out your own off the site because they may run out at the door)
-list of panels and photoshoots you'd like to attend
-earplugs if you plan to go to a rave or if you're a light sleeper staying overnight
-change of clothes
-health card
-slip of paper with emergency contact information (home number, parent/guardian/room-mate/friend's cell phone number, usual doctor's name and the address you are staying at for the con.)
-anything you need for weather conditions (if its calling for rain, bring an umbrella, poncho, garbage bag, etc.)
-small notebook with working pen for taking down names and facebooks and skypes of new friends, song titles you hear at the rave, tumblrs, etc.
-merchandise you wish to get autographed
-a small note in your wallet that includes your cellphone number and either your hotel room or a return address it can be sent to.
-mini first aid kit: bandages, alcoholic wipes, blister cream and lip balm
-for all you women, bring stuff for emergencies, even if its not your time of the month. nerves, stress and excitement can trigger it early. bring some emergency sanitary materials so you don't ruin your costume or spend more money than you need to on lady papers.

Things people staying for the weekend in a hotel should bring in addition to these items:

-some form of alarm clock
-pillow if you prefer your own
-towels, especially if you're removing a lot of makeup
-SHOWERING MATERIALS*******(This is a very important one. soap, conditioner, shampoo, loofa or washcloth)
-Hairdryer in case the hotel's is broken
-Hair stuff (hair brush, leave-in cream, rollers, combs, clips...whatever you need for it.)
-Deodorant (try to avoid heavy colognes and perfumes due to allergies in tight crowds)
-Toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste
-Cooler with ice, snacks, drinks, non-cook foods
Some ideas: Water bottles, juice boxes, pop, poptarts, cookies, fruit-by-the-foot, apples and other slow-perishable fruits (peaches, grapes), vegetables you can eat raw (carrots, celery, cucumbers), sandwiches, salad, sushi boxes, cup ramen (you can make it with your hotel's coffee maker), chips, veggie trays, rice crispy squares, crackers and peanut butter, (DO NOT BRING BANANAS. If photography has taught me anything about food it is that bananas will rapidly speed the rotting process for other food, especially fruits and veggies. if you must bring bananas, put them farrrr away from other food)
-Directory list of all food places in the area
-bath robe or other dressing gown

Things COSPLAYERS should bring:

-Costume and everything you need for it; props, wigs, boots, nailpolish, bald cap, mannequin heads, bags, wig caps, makeup, bobby pins, hair spray, binder
-Emergency repair kit consisting of: needle, black/white/colored thread, small scissors, small fabric swatches, tape, safety pins, hot glue gun, gluesticks, colored paint and paintbrush
-final seal and spray bottle (it makes makeup last all day)
-Change of socks
-fixodent for cosplay fangs
-Makeup remover
-Comfortable non-chafing underwear
-Goldbond cream (for all your chafing issues)
-Small handheld mirror with magnification

Some other ideas:

- a folding chair (for waiting in lines or just hanging out with friends. pocket stools or other folding chairs are handy. i just hope you have a place to store them when you don't need them!!)
-Ds and games, particularly pokemon or if you play on streetpass.
-magic cards
-yu-gi-oh cards
-glow sticks
-board games
-mini fan with spray bottle
-handheld paper fan
-umbrella or parasol for the sun or rain

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