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These are the non-written but socially demanded rules of conventions

-SHOWER. SHOWER, SHOWER, SHOWER. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHOWER. There is nothing worse than the smell of 'con stank', especially when you are in line, pushed up with other people. no-one wants to smell your pit cheese and it accumulates fast at conventions. Shower at least once for every day you are at the con and be sure to get your chest, underarms, feet, neck and any other nooks and crannies that accumulate sweat.

-If you are going to draw with sidewalk chalk, remember there are children attending the con too. Draw responsibly.

-Cross at the crosswalks. The road Anime North buildings are on is on a blind hill with two highway off ramps. Either cross at the lights by the doubletree or the ones by the Sheraton.

-ASK before you snap a picture. People may be running to panels or have a broken costume. Candids are rarely flattering.

-Try to avoid asking people for a photo when they are eating or sitting down because they are having a break.

-Avoid stopping for pictures in high traffic areas as it creates congestion. (people who see you taking a picture will want a picture too, effectively blocking the walking area around you)
Such spots are: the hallways at the doubletree, artist's alley, the dealer's room, at panels and indoor lines. . Outside is a really good spot for pictures. If you must, move off to the side so you're not blocking foot traffic

-Do not bring or wear signs that do not go with your cosplay. (Will yuri for yaoi, hug me and you lost the game signs are some examples) PINS COUNT.

-Do not stop in high traffic areas for any reason. Don't stop to look at your map, loiter or talk to friends. If you must, move off to the side where you're not blocking people.

-Drink water frequently. This sounds stupid, but people have passed out at AN before, including your's truly. There are water stations, vending machines, drinking fountains, treat vendors, ice cream trucks and all sorts of accessibility to water and other fluids. You have no excuse.

-Do not be the guy who uses the special needs stall in the bathroom, as it is frequently populated by people who actually need it.

(This next bit is about the respect!)

-Respect authority. When security or someone on staff tells you something; listen and do as you're told.

-Respect and appreciate the people running the convention! There is a lot of hard work, a massive percentage of it volunteer, and without the people to run it, there'd be no con at all! These people include but are not limited to; the patient hotel and restaurant staff, security, con aid, registration people, artists, weapon masters, clean-up staff, guests, panelists, vendors, the people in the maid and butler cafes, game masters, traffic officers, ice cream vendors, masquerade runners, bands and DJs.

-Respect people running the photoshoots. A lot of time and preparation goes into planning the shoots and it takes a lot of courage and stamina to deliver one properly. They don't have all the time in the world. Try to be quiet when its being run so everyone gets a chance to join in! You may miss your turn to pose if you don't pay attention.

-Respect other attendees. If you dislike a fandom, you can walk by their photoshoot without a snide remark. If someone ships something you dislike, you don't need to start a fandom war over it. If someone's costume is not as high quality as your own, don't be a bully and put them down.

-ANYTHING MARKED WITH 18+ IS NOT FOR ANYONE UNDER 18. Do not bother trying to sneak in because staff people check ID. If you are interested in the panel or event and are over the age of entry, BRING YOUR ID WITH YOU OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INSIDE. No exceptions.

-The above rule also applies to plastic wrapped, often marked merchandise in the dealer's room, especially Dōjinshi, mangas and animes. The vendor is, by law, now allowed to sell it to underage people. People buying it for younger people (and being asked by younger people to buy it) who get caught will be dealt with.

-Allergies can be very serious with other con goers. Please keep nut products, shellfish and oranges and all foods in your hotel room or in the car and wash your hands after eating.

-Also be courteous with perfumes and body sprays, spraying in your room for no more than two seconds for body sprays and no more than two squirts for perfume. It may not be noticeable to you but it is noticeable to people with allergies to perfumes.

-Do not start free hug lines or encourage ones that have begun. Its a great way to get groped and spread germs. Use your own discretion about high five lines but be aware of the germs still.

-Taking this from a documentary I watched: Voice actors are guests, not parrots. Do not bother them with a thousand requests for character delivery. Some are, by law, not allowed to say them while others get annoyed with the constant requests. Instead, think of a few questions you might ask them before going to the panel.

-Don't horseplay. There's a lot of people who would rather not be smacked by a weapon or tackled in passing.

-Indulge in alcohol and narcotics at your own discretion. Security from both the public eye, hotels and convention will deal with aggressive, brash and moronic behaviour and there's nothing worse than missing a fun convention because of a hangover or lack of sobriety.

-DO NOT HUG/GRAB SOMEONE UNEXPECTEDLY OR WITHOUT PERMISSION. There ARE people who will reflexively react with violence, or people with breakable costume parts that do not appreciate them being snapped, OR in the worst case scenario, people with epilepsy. Congratulates, you've just triggered a seizure. D:

-Do not wear anything that connects you to another person. Leashes, handcuffs, rope, anything that can snag people between two other people is dangerous in a busy convention. You could clothesline or trip someone. If its for a picture, like Light and L's handcuffs, put them on out of the way and only keep them on for the length of the picture being taken.

-If someone asks about an anime and it has both an english and japanese name, please mention the english one. Its not disrespectful to the series if you say Black Butler instead of Kuroshitsuji. And Hare+ Guu is a lot easier to remember than Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu.

-Try to keep large props and costumes out of the dealer's room and other buildings. It cannot be avoided in some cases, but it really clogs up the flow of traffic, plus creates a lot of people wanting to take your picture (see rule above,) If you are going into the dealer's room, put the costume away for a while, or take off the biggest parts and have a friend watch them outside.

-AN is not the place for newborns or even toddlers. It is unavoidable in some cases but it may be a good idea to arrange for a sitter. Lots of long hours, germs and hot conditions are strenuous on their little bodies. They have no developed immune systems. It can also be a pain for other con-goers. (IE: trying not to trip on a child running around, being blocked behind a stroller or having a child crying during a panel.)

-Be courteous with music. Loud music is not polite in hallways or hotel rooms and should be enjoyed in designated areas like raves or outside at the band stage.

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