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Other tips

These are more for first time cosplayers!

-BE SEASONAL. Anime north is in spring but the temperature is more like summer, so try to pick a costume suited for the heat. Baggy sweaters, knit clothes and anything with lots of layers may be too hot to handle!

-Be sure you can manage all parts of your costume. (Make sure you can carry all pieces of it comfortably and easily. This includes props!)
-BINDING SHOULD BE DONE RESPONSIBLY. (Binding is the act of securing breasts down with the intent of eliminating their appearance under a shirt. Females cosplaying male characters do it often. )
Responsible binding= Sports bra a size too small or an actual certified binder. They can be bought online or if you are of legal age, some adult novelty stores sell them. You can find them either in the form of shirts or corset-style. Either form is safe but make sure you practice a few times before the con as they do take some getting used to.

Ace bandages may work for some people with a smaller cup size, but test it before the con and make sure its not going to cause bruising or pain for extended wear and be sure to adjust it often at the con as bandages tend to tighten over time!

Irresponsible binding = duct tape over a piece of fabric or directly applied to the skin; rope, belts, etc.

The risk of irresponsible binding: Chaffed skin or skin removal, stomach illness, bruising of the ribs, stomach and breasts, breaking of ribs, rupture of stomach and lungs, blisters on the outside and ulcers inside and in worst case scenarios, suffocation and death.

-Don't eat or drink with cosplay fangs. Take them out or you risk swallowing one. Bring fixodent with you for easy removal and application.

-BREAK IN YOUR CON SHOES. This is a biggie. Once I wore my cosplay shoes for the first time at the con. There was a lot of walking. When I took off my boots that night there was nothing but blood, pus and a huge blister that went from my toe to my heel on both sides.

-TEST YOUR COSTUME BEFORE YOU BRING IT TO THE CON. Wear it around the house for a day to make sure nothing rips or pulls or comes undone easily. It keeps it from happening at the con. This includes your makeup, wigs, wig caps, binders and everything your costume needs.

-Contact lenses: Test yourself before you buy them. They are not something everyone can just pick up at the con and wear. It requires touching your sclera, the white part of your eye, not just to get them in but to take them out too. If you can't get them in, its a waste of $40 non-refundable dollars. Go to an optomitrist and ask if they can help you with them before you buy your own.

Masquerade and Skit Contest

One of the highlight events, the masquerade is the convention's competitive fashion show! As I have yet to be in one, this space remains empty for tips and advice. (Someone please fill this space <3)

Skit Contest
ne of the highlight events, the skit contest is the convention's competitive acting show! As I have yet to be in one, this space remains empty for tips and advice. (Someone please fill this space <3)

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