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Other tips

These are more for first time cosplayers!

-BE SEASONAL. Anime north is in summer, so try to pick a costume suited for the heat. Baggy sweaters, knit clothes and anything with lots of layers may be too hot to handle!

-Be sure you can manage all parts of your costume. Big props that get dirty or break because your arms got tired and you dropped it are a waste of money.

-BINDING SHOULD BE DONE RESPONSIBLY. (Binding is the act of securing breasts down with the intent of eliminating their appearance under a shirt. Females cosplaying male characters do it often. )
Responsible binding= Sports bra a size too small or an actual certified binder. They can be bought online or if you are of legal age, some adult novelty stores sell them. You can find them either in the form of shirts or corset-style. Either form is safe but make sure you practice a few times before the con as they do take some getting used to.

Ace bandages may work for some people with a smaller cup size, but test it before the con and make sure its not going to cause bruising or pain for extended wear.

Irresponsible binding = duct tape over a piece of fabric or directly applied to the skin; rope, belts, etc.

The risk of irresponsible binding: Chaffed skin or skin removal, stomach illness, bruising of the ribs, stomach and breasts, breaking of ribs, rupture of stomach and lungs, blisters on the outside and ulcers inside and in worst case scenarios, suffocation and death.

-Don't eat or drink with cosplay fangs. Take them out or you risk swallowing one. Bring fixodent with you for easy removal and application.

-BREAK IN YOUR CON SHOES. This is a biggie. Once I wore my cosplay shoes for the first time at the con. There was a lot of walking. When I took off my boots that night there was nothing but blood, pus and a huge blister that went from my toe to my heel on both sides.

-TEST YOUR COSTUME BEFORE YOU BRING IT TO THE CON. Wear it around the house for a day to make sure nothing rips or pulls or comes undone easily. It keeps it from happening at the con. This includes your makeup, wigs, wig caps, binders and everything your costume needs.

-Contact lenses: Test yourself before you buy them. They are not something everyone can just pick up at the con and wear. It requires touching your sclera, the white part of your eye, not just to get them in but to take them out too. If you can't get them in, its a waste of $40 non-refundable dollars. Go to an optomitrist and ask if they can help you with them before you buy your own.

Masquerade and Skit Contest


These are some words newbies (or oldbies not in the know) may want to know the meanings of at conventions:

Fandom: A group of people who create a community of fans around a particular show. Some examples are Bronies/Pegasisters (my little pony), Trekkies (star trek), Minxlings (fans of Mangaminx) etc.

Canon: Something in the series that is proven true by unquestionable events or confirmation. (Nepeta and Equius from homestuck are moirails, The Doctor's TARDIS is a blue police box, etc.)

Head-canon or fan theory: Ideas from the minds of fans that could make sense in the series but are not confirmed. (Pokemon takes place in the mind of a child in a coma, Ms. Cheerilee and Big Macintosh from My Little Pony are dating, etc)

Shipping: Either real or made up relationSHIP pairings of characters in different mediums that fans enjoy. (Russia x Japan from hetalia, Finn x Flame Princess from adventure time, Undertaker x Grell from Black butler)

OC: Original Character. Usually used for roleplaying, comics, fan fiction, shipping ideas and costumes, these characters may fit into pre-made universes and usually represent and individual's personal portrayal, but not always. (For instance, a steampunk original character is not from any anime, show or movie. however, a fan of my little pony may make a pony that represents themselves that lives in the land of Equestria, which is the world Hasbro has already created. )

Roleplay: Either a dice-based, written or tabletop style of game, each with different rules, where every person controls their own character and goes on adventures. All actions are usually decided by dice rolls or decisions made by the game master. Its similar to a video game but all the situations take place in one's mind and are verbally narrated. (Dungeons and dragons, world of darkness, war hammer are all examples) Another style is two or more people, each controlling a character, typing paragraphs back and forth to eachother and writing out a scene.

LARP: Live action roleplay. Similar to the other styles of roleplay, but they are acted out, often with costumes and props.

Japanese names: you may know more animes than you think! If someone says their favourite anime and you're unsure, ask if it has an english translation. Several popular ones include Kurshitsuji (black butler) and Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

OTP: one true pairing. If someone says "so and so is my OTP" that means they ship the characters and its their favourite pairing.

Panel: A group of people (usually experts, voice actors, guests or hardcore fans), host a meeting in a secluded room. Depending on the panel, it could be a Q+A, a general discussion, an address to the media, a fundraiser or idea promoter or a how-to demonstration. Questions are encouraged, but raise your hand and be quiet if there's media playing.

Rave: Either an indoor or outdoor dance party with electronic music. Usually accompanied by glowsticks, trippy lights and heavy base.

Artist's Alley: The place to buy prints of original artwork, hand-made plushies, figurines, commissions, pins and other artistic mediums; hand-made and often one-of-a-kind.

Dealer's Room: Contains merchandise like anime, candy, manga, t-shirts, factory made plushies, swords, leather craft, toys, cds and video games. Corporations and established businesses usually sell from these.

Sake: An alcoholic drink from japan.

Neko: The unofficial name for a person with animal ears and a tail, sometimes paws! A common costume at cons.

Furry: A subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

Pocky: Crunchy, dry cookie-like stick, coated in different flavoured dried cream. Many flavours to choose from!

Kawaii: Cute
Kawaii-desu: Very cute!

Baka: Stupid

Otaku: Someone well versed with anime and manga.

Waifu /husbando: A character that someone may have an attraction to.

Caramelldansen: A very popular dance and song played at conventions.


Dōjinshi: Original comic, usually with non-original characters. (you may find a pokemon one, for instance) These have fan-made untold stories. Keep in mind that many of these are also written in japanese. Warning: some of these are light hearted and beautiful, others contain very shocking, uncensored things to the uninitiated or unwarned. (they are marked)

Shonen-ai: Translating to 'boy's love', this is a genre of anime and manga usually circling two homosexual male characters and the emotional romance of their relationship. There is often heavy censoring and almost no sex scenes, leaving the rating a touchy PG 14!

Shōjo-ai: Same as Shonen-ai, but with homosexual female characters.

Yaoi, Yuri and Hentai: 18+ genres of anime and manga with explicit nude scenes, little plot and little censoring. These are not sold to minors by law. Hentai involves a straight couple or anything outside of the homosexual spectrum, yuri involves lesbians and yaoi involves gay men. ( Be aware that many people think yaoi is the same as Shonen-ai and yuri is the same as Shōjo-ai. They are not. )

Rule 34- The unwritten internet rule that "if it exists, there is porn of it."
Rule 63- If a character exists, there must be art of it displayed as the opposite gender. Also known as gender bending, crossing or Fem!name here or Male!name here.

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