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Just a word on the binding... Using a tensor bandage is NOT irresponsible binding, i dont know why this is a thing... everyone always thinks it is and if you're bigger busted, then yes, its probably not going to work, you'll be falling out everywhere or you WILL break a rib because of how tight you have to go to get flat... but everyone is always saying how it tightens over the day... my smaller busted friends went and got actual binders not because they were more comfortable or safer, but because the tensor bandages actually LOOSENED AND FELL OFF SEVERAL TIMES A DAY... ducttape is stupid (I've tried it), but tensor isn't as bad as everyone seems to think... i have a friend who cries in pain wearing her Underworks Tri-top but is fine all day in a tensor with adjusting it 3-4 times... she uses tensor all the time rather then the top because its much more painful to wear the top for her (and yes, its the correct size)
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