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Originally Posted by TeaForThought View Post
I'm starting to work on my first steampunk ensemble I think.
I know I'd like to stick with a more socialite archetype and throw something in along the lines of an explorer or accidental alchemist. As far as an actual outfit...I'm not solid on details. But...I know I've got my top hat, a custom steampunk pistol and a pair of the typical green tinted goggles...but...I'm not really attached to the idea of using the goggles. I'm hoping I can stick to the attire of a proper gentleman but adding things to make it more unique.

Can you guys tell I'm new to this one? I bet you can.
But new can be so good in a genre like this. Sometimes it takes someone who is new to it to create something fresh and different. I like that you are sticking to the aristocrat though. You usually see airship pirates and adventurers, so to see someone want to do something more noble is really cool.

Originally Posted by moosedoom View Post
I'm gonna be doin a kinda steampunky Marie Antoinette. Ship in my hair and everything.
That I need to see. I can imagine it's going to be pretty epic with the ship in your hair!
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