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Originally Posted by animazn View Post
I think I'm gonna go to Sakura con next year haha. Too busy at this point xD Didn't go to Fan Expo but I heard it was awesome. Akimatsuri was kinda boring I guess program wise and the fact that it was only two days. Cos&Effect's vendors hall is kinda pitiful, but I volunteered last year so I can put in a word for it. Can't wait to start cosplaying again!
Ahaha I'll let you guys know about my first SakCon experience this year

Buy yeah I found programming for Aki and C/E pretty pitiful too XD (but I don't really attend panels, they're not my biggest draw anyways)

Ummmmm (back on topic?? XD) I hope to see you all at AR (or where ever) this year~ I've got my tickets
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