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Roommates needed for Fanime

Anyone who was around Thursday afternoon knew how...much of a headache it was to book a room for Fanime. I was able to book one room at the Hilton San Jose, located in connection with the convention. However; I did not book thru Fanime but with the hotel itself. Being an AAA member I was able to get a discounted price, not as much as Fanime but still at a discounted. That being said it's slightly expensive the only up side is that because I did not book thru Fanime I do not have to pay the $100 per night deposit at check-in. So..I'm looking for quiet a few roommates for the convention. In order to get a decent price for the entire con I would need to find 6 people for a total of $103 each, this is including Day 0 and checking out the last day of Fanime. Currently I have 1 confirm so in total with myself is 2. The room is 1 king size bed; I can probably get an air mattress so we can push the bed to one side and have another next. Either gender I am fine rooming with however you must be over 18. I will be bringing a hookah but smoking outside. I will probably have light snacks/drinks which all are welcome to. We will be drinking inside the room; you are welcome to join but not pressured to. Personally, I will be most likely sleeping on the floor so there is a good chance you will be too. I will ask for the money upon check in; everything will be placed on CC but at check out will be paid in cash. So long story..:

-Hilton San Jose, all days including Day 0 hotel is connected to convention center
-Either gender is fine
-6 people would equal to $103 per person
-Be 18+
-Drinking will happen, welcome to join but not pressured to
-High chance of sleeping on the floor
-Money will be asked upon check out

One final remark: I am personally not a "hardcore" cosplayer. I don't have 10 cosplays lined up. I do have a few however they are mostly street clothes. I'm not asking you to not be a hardcore cosplayer but please bare in mind with a packed room means very limited space. Pack accordingly and please don't bring many bags...any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can.
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