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Get to know the teeny girl on the lower far right. She is awesome! I believe she has a weapon but it's been years since I've read Love Hina. Take a look at this series, I think you'd like it.


You can try..
Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura…

Lavi from D-Gray Man:…

Yuna from Final Fantasy:…

Grell from Black Butler:…

Maka from Soul Eater:…

Hina-Ichigo from Rozen Maiden:…

Elizabeth Middleford from Black Butler:
http://www.****This Website Link Has...ages/characte…

Also, for cross playing layer or bind if you think that your womanly physic will get in the way of your cosplaying. Choose a man who wears a vest or a coat. No one will ever know.

Hmm have you tried any gaming characters like Final Fantasy or Mortal Combat. I can see something from there. My Fiance has similar stats and that's where we're looking I want him to do Conner from Assasins Creed 2.
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