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Same with me and Warface. Waited years for it to come out, but when beta was finally released in North America... haven't touched it. I feel like Metro Last Light will get the same treatment, seeing as I still haven't started its prequel Metro 2033. Over the past few years, I discovered that I enjoyed socializing. It's a relatively new thing to me, considering my long history of being a shy introvert. I guess it's sort of like my past self and my current self are fighting each other: if I had $30, would I spend it on a game or to hang out with friends?

It's... exhausting. There isn't much physical movement when driving, but it can really wear you out. The only way I've managed is by taking short naps before work and before class. College is great; I will definitely miss it once I graduate. Getting a higher education can be ridiculously expensive out here on the east coast, but I believe it's worth the trouble. For those less fortunate than myself, I always recommend community college and county college as a starting point. Easier said than done, I know, but even if it takes you years working full-time and going to school part-time to graduate, if you choose a good major, it will be rewarding in the end.

I believe my first cosplay prop was Kyoya Hibari's tonfas (Hitman Reborn). My second was a pair of Beretta 76's for Mr. Chang (Black Lagoon. Pics are in my album). The prop I'm working on now will be my third and most challenging item I've ever constructed. It's fun imo.

The AMV contest must be hard to get into. I've made one AMV before (FLCL w/ Linkin Park's Faint) and it came out okay, but definitely not nearly as good as the worst AMV's shown in any convention's AMV contest. That said, you must be pretty good to have made it past the initial selection process twice. I wish you the best of luck.
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