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Originally Posted by Mehdia View Post
Spats are always good. And you could always do some taller ones over boots with the pants tucked in. Like some nice dress slacks like they would have worn, but to give that edge use boots with tall spats over them. You should find a really awesome pocket watch, as all gentlemen would carry one. I would say to get some really nice gloves, maybe even leather ones to wear. Maybe even a cane of some sort that is steampunked. I love seeing the accessories people come up with for their costumes. That's just some ideas I'm having at nearly 3 A.M.
I can't believe I forgot my pocketwatch.

But yeah, I have some tall combat boots and I'm considering a pair of vintage short boots as well. Later today I plan on looking through my bin of fabrics to see if I have anything I can use...between that and trying to decide on a colour palette. I'd love to be able to steer away from the browns and drabs to incorporate some brighter colours in there....a noble can afford to be flashy after all, right? I was thinking that I would have liked to take a bandolier of some sort and put assorted bottles and vials in it instead of bullets...and perhaps create a gadget or two to carry around...just something with moving parts or lights...though I'm not sure what just yet
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