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Trying again hopfully with better luck this time ^^
Name: Timmy
Location: Boynton Beach Fl
About myself: I am currently working at the Mercedes Benz dealership in Delray. I like in my spare time to hang out with friends watch movies, anime, play video games ect. I practice martial arts and know 3 different sword styles (a bit rusty though) I am also a writer and do so when i have the time to. I play hockey and every other sport that i can. I am very active and like to have fun and joke around. I also shoot guns when i can and own a Glock 36 (looking to get a mosin nugant) i play league of legends as well and diablo 3 Demon Hunters FTW!!! random sorry ^^. Anything else you want to know simply ask and i will replay.
Looking for: Friends or a relationship i honestly would need a chance to hang out and get to know the person relationship women only
Likes: Anime, sports, movies, music (country hiphop techno rock mostly anything ^^) video games, guns
Dislikes: whinny people, dishonesty, judgmental people
Hope to hear from someone ^^ and thanks for reading nerd on everyone ^^
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