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Name: McKenna
General location: Central NY state, though this will change come the summer.

About Me: Female, 22, currently in my last semester of college with a major in Film and Media Studies and a minor in Creative Writing. I want to go into either journalism or publishing. I would love to live in Boston, but realistically speaking that's probably not going to happen anytime soon. I have a rather eclectic fashion sense; I like dressing up and looking classy, but "classy" may mean button-up+vest+tie one day and 1920s-style dress and hat another. It all depends on what I'm in the mood for. My politics lean heavily toward the liberal end of the spectrum.

Likes and or dislikes: Cosplaying, obviously. All of my hobbies require creative thinking in one way or another, though. In addition to cosplay, I sew everyday clothes and Lolita outfits. I draw, write, and cook (and have some measure of skill at all three). Tabletop games are another big love of mine. I've played Dungeons and Dragons, Spirit of the Century, Little Fears, and World of Darkness. I'm running Changeling: The Lost this semester. My fave video game system is the PS2, followed shortly thereafter by the DS and 3DS. I mostly play RPGS, puzzle games, and Pokemon. Also, I drink a LOT of tea.

Anime/Manga I'm into: Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, Rurouni Kenshin, Digimon, Durarara, Baccano, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Descendants of Darkness.

Other Shows I'm into: Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, The Mentalist, Law and Order SVU

What I'm are looking for: I don't know, exactly. I highly doubt something will actually come of this post. I'm sort of in the market for a relationship, though, so why not see? And I could always use some new people to talk to, so if someone just wants to make a new friend, that's cool too!
I like a people who are intelligent, good listeners, and tolerant of other peoples' opinions. Interest in the same series as me would be amazing. Meeting another tabletop gamer would also be amazing.
My ideal romantic option is male, but if that right lady comes along I won't pass her up. Someone between 22-30 years old. Living in New York State (especially in Upstate) is preferable.
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