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Originally Posted by FFFlay View Post
Hi Guys! This is my first post on the forums, so please let me know if I've broken any rules.
No worries!

Originally Posted by FFFlay View Post
I've decided that I'd like to try to cosplay the DmC reboot version of Dante
Too late.

But no, honestly I would also strongly suggest against the matrix pattern. I used it for my REPO coat and it was a big giant pain in the ass for a beginner, and also, as AVA pointed out, it's not quite the right style.

That Lincoln coat looks like a good start, but you'll also need to make sure to modify the lapels (I don't know what his look like, I try and avoid Donte as much as possible), and don't forget the hood, which I think has some specific construction (I think it has a stripe in the middle? Again, I'm not on expert on this design) and is very very wide, like a parka hood, not like Nero's hoodie type hood.
As for weathering, water down some acrylic paint (like some silvers and blacks) and brush it on with a sponge or something rough, like a hard brush. Wipe it enough so that it's barely noticeable, and it should add some dimension and wear to the material. I haven't gotten around to doing it to mine yet, but it's how REPO coats are supposed to be weathered, and you are using the same type of fabric (it's how they weathered the coat in the movie, and I've seen it done to great effect on fan costumes). Just test some out on some scrap fabric first.

I haven't actually checked the book out or anything, but Amethyst Angel's tutorials are very solid and come highly recommended for people looking to learn. You can't go wrong with her stuff, though I'm not certain there's any gun advice in there or not. Guns are such common props though, you should be able to find some prop gun tutorials out on the internet. Also, I've seen some STELLAR 100% accurate Donte guns made by someone here on, and I think they said they would sell copies, if you wanna get some commissioned guns.

EDIT: here's the guns I mentioned:
EDIT2: Looks like his price is the about the same as reproduction Poseidon Ebony & Ivory:
Pricey, yes, but I love my guns so much, I felt like it was a worthy purchase, and his guns look to be of similarly high quality (well, as high quality as you can get on such an awful design )

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