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Originally Posted by Zexion_Nobody View Post
I was wondering if anyone else here on the forums wears uniforms of the era to cons, either Axis or Allied, and not just for reasons such as cosplaying Hellsing.
Personally i would go for Allied uniforms to avoid those people who get offended easily. Go for a 101st airborne Look. They tend to get a lot of attention. But remember that when you are cosplaying is a historical era uniform to make sure that what you are wearing is correct to the time period.

The only Axis uniform you could have without offending people would be a Japanese uniform. Which I don't understand why when they killed more civilians in WWII than the Nazis did. But, stuff to make a Japanese wwII uniform is very hard to find do to the fact its not as big in the Re-enacting community as US VS Germany types.
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