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Originally Posted by ischray View Post
hey im not good at the giving ideas but u remind me of a bad guy, please take no offense to this. a bad guys from a videogame and it bothers me that i can think of it. maybe it was Assassins Creed 2? idk
i assume you refer to me? since i'm the last male commenting...
if you mean Cesare from AC2 then that's awesome XD i WISH i could even grow a beard like that.

Originally Posted by infinity-eight View Post
any suggestions would be very helpful! (: i had Serah Farron from ff13-2 in mind but i'm open to new ideas

height: 5'2''
weight: 104lbs
i don't mind wearing wigs, revealing outfits, but i don't like too many layers due to the hot weather in Baltimore (for Otakon), i like characters with weapons as well.

sorry if it's too big!
Infinity-eight, i'm not great at giving advice but since you said "weapon" and i've been playing No More Heroes lately, i thought Shinobu

it would be awesome if more people cosplayed from that game.

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