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Man, I was so ready to have my cloak done by now, but I'm getting behind. I have sitched a single seam. Hopefully I can at least get the fabric and the lining individually sewn together, if not sewn together by tomorrow night. I kinda wanted to start on the skirt this week. Ahhh well. Life.

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I love once and am doing a really simple closet cosplay for Emma, but I just wanted to share what I spent this morning working on.

I couldn't think of a way to make the actual stamp likeness, but I think this looks fairly close. I haven't seen pics of how other people did it without buying the actual necklace.
Ooh, that looks really, really good. I second on asking how you did that.
Cosplay Plan of Attack:

Umm.... nothing at the moment is being worked on.
All creative power diverted to FanExpo Artist's Alley table! Yay! Accessories and such!

Costume Con 32 was AMAZING!!!!
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