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for sale: Polaroid 300 Camera

$50 + shipping (depending on the location, probably around $6-8)
no film, just the camera. but the film can be purchased at target, sears, or other common retail stores

...what happened was that one birthday i ended up with multiple polaroid cameras as gifts, so i'm looking to sell this one. It's barely used (only taken two photos with it then left it sitting around in my room) and works perfectly and it retails for about $75+ from what i know. I don't have the original packaging anymore because i threw it away but have the manual/directions.

i thought it would be better to sell it on here instead of ebay or amazon because i won't be charged extra intersection fee and i can give a better price for the buyer as well.

let me know if you are interested or have questions in private message here or preferably my email:

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