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Help finding a similar print?

So....I'm too big (sadly) for the perfect dress to finish everything up..So I have to get it commissioned..However, I can;t find ANY fabric that looks anything close to what I want..
I was shown the dress by my commissioner for a "is this what you are looking for" type thing..It's perfect in color and print, however Not only can I not find it again....But I can't find any fabrics. So can anyone help? I don't need help finding the dress again, I will just explain it..

It's pink, and has a candy border that's got like lollipops and what looks like conversation hearts on it, the border is more busy then the rest (which is what I want) rather then all over. And it looks like the candy hearts go a little all around. Me and my commissioner have been looking through everything we can think of..And oddly enough, I can;t even FIND candy prints on fabric..No idea why but I can't..

Thanks for the help everyone.
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