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Originally Posted by MizuNeko29 View Post
This all sounds really good! I don't know what days I'll be doing who, but this is a good plan~
Well we've all been talking on the Sakura Con forums and have currently come to the decision to do the gathering/photoshoot on Sunday around noon. We're not sure about the location yet though.

PAX Prime 2016:
Pokemon Go Avatar (if finished in time)
Otherwise: Tifa Lockhart - FFVII (100%)
Or: Jinx - League of Legends (100%)

Aki Con 2016:
Currently Undecided

Sakura Con 2017:
Zuko - Avatar: The Last Airbender (50%)
Rosette - Chrono Crusade (30%)
Ikuto - Shugo Chara (0%)
Syaoran - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (20%)
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