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Originally Posted by Larcenciel View Post
Thanks for the tips! Yeah, my updates are definitely alot better. As for the haircut, well, I dunno. Might have to pass that by some of my friends. I know a few girls that would kill me if I cut my hair, lol.

That's an interesting way for foundation. I still think I am going to get a professional to take a look for me, so I don't screw up or go through like 20 other shades. s:

The powder is actually eyeshadow on contouring. I don't get why I have it looking so bad like that. D:.... Pretty much..... Facial scrub > Foundation > Eyeshadow contour. No powder any other way. x_x....

Yeah, everyone is telling me to exfoliate, so I am going to try to do that not next time, but hopefully soon. I might have to look for some, and who knows, maybe next time if I can get some at Macys when/if I go.

Thank you! Yeah, I am getting better thanks to my contacts. .... and yeah, that picture didn't have mascara. I was GOING to do falsies, but after two failed attempts, I felt it was starting to take a toll on the eyeliner, and I didn't want to ruin it. Will definitely get some going next time. I admit, I usually either miss or forget to apply something in the end, but that's sometimes because I had a problem possibly. Bit by bit, step by step. As for the application, I was told that you hold the wand in front of your eye, and close the eye, without moving the wand. s:..... so that is how I have been doing it. s:

Also, thanks about the comment on the skin and the eyes. Means alot!

That's a strange way of doing mascara, but now I think about it I suppose that would be easier for a beginner.. but that explains why your mascara is not noticeable. You need to apply at least two coats, and you need to stroke it through the lashes like a hairbrush through your hair (if that makes sense?). I have a makeup video tutorial I made ages ago that I can find for you if you like, it's a vid for generic "going out" makeup from start to finish.

Don't use eyeshadow over your entire face, it's much too cloggy and thick and that's what is making your skin look "cakey". You should invest in some loose powder and apply it with a big brush over your foundation. Yes, definitely get a professional to help you get the colour the first time - it'll help a lot ^_^. I hope you're going to get a liquid or mousse foundation?

Your makeup should go something like this:
Exfoliate & cleanse > moisturiser/primer > foundation > powder/contouring/blush (optional, you can do it at a later stage) > eyebrows > eyeshadow > eyeliner & mascara

False eyelashes are a nightmare to put on, you're not the only one who struggles! I mostly don't bother with them because I can never seem to get them to stick correctly.

I don't know if someone has said this before.. but always apply makeup to a freshly cleaned face. You should put on a light moisturiser or primer (or both) before you apply any makeup as this will help make it stick. Make sure you get one that is correct for your skin type, i.e. oily, combination, dry. The makeup ladies can help you with that when they help you with foundation .

Also, by haircut, I sort of meant a trim (like 1-2 inches off your hair) just to get some layers put in as they are very atypically girly. Only a suggestion, of course! ^_^

EDIT: What eyeshadow are you using?
MAC makes the most gorgeous stuff!

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