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Calling Red River cosplayers!! ( FLORIDA )

Hey guys! I'm currently looking for Red River cosplays near me. I have been dying to take photos of a Yuri and Kail pair, and I have the perfect location. C: Busch Gardens! I know that sounds totally lame.. but I actually work there and so I go by the locations every day. I get to see what it would be like to have a Red River shoot there, and it gets my photographer finger itching just thinking about it! Here's some things you need to know if your interested!

1. Crossplaying doesn't bother me. If a guy wants to cosplay Yuri or a girl wants to cosplay Kail, I'm totally, 100% fine with that.
2. You will need your own transportation to and from Busch Gardens.
3. I will supply tickets for admission, so it won't cost you ANYTHING!
4. You will be devoting a good part of your day to photographs, however we can take breaks and in the evening/after photos ( whenever we get done ) we can ride/spend the rest of the evening at Busch Gardens. ( So bring a change of clothes! )
5. I can have several different characters other than Kail and Yuri, but they're my two main focus right now.
6. Yuri can have either her green outfit, or the white outfit. Both work.
7. Please fill out the form completely!
8. Please do not be offended if I say no to you. I don't have 50 tickets to just hand away.
9. I expect you to be prepared to be cosplaying/posing for a good portion of time. So be prepared to wear your costumes in heat or cold.
10. Be willing to work with me to achive what I'm looking for because I'm willing to work with you!
11. Be willing to take romantical pictures! It doesn't have to involve kissing, but you will be close to one another. ( Kissing photos will only be taken if both parties are comfortable with it. )
12. You MUST have your cosplay ready to go! I will not wait for you to buy one.

I'm going to try and say I want a tall Kail and a shorter Yuri, just to have the cute height difference, but if it doesn't work out.. it happens. I will not take a taller Yuri than my Kail though. Sorry. ^^; It's first come, first serve. When I look at your responses, I will look at them in order, one at a time. If I found someone I like, two posts before yours, they're going to get the spot, not you. Sorry. D:

Please fill out this form:

Name: ( What you will go by. Only needs to be first name/nickname. )
Character: ( Which one you would like to cosplay. )
Height: ( How tall are you? For reference. )
Photo of costume: ( This is very important!!! >.< I would prefer a picture of you IN it. )
Is it complete?: ( Do you have all the pieces ON HAND/READY TO GO? )
Have you done photoshoots before?:
Other?: ( Anything you want to add? )

I reserve the right to refuse anyone for not meeting my criteria. I do not mean to offend anyone, but I simply can not accept everyone. D: I'm sorry.

Choosen characters -
Prince Kail: None.
Yuri: None.
Queen Nakia: None.
Urhi: None.

( I will only be accepting up to 4-5 people, including Yuri and Kail. Thanks! )

I look forward to hearing from you all! C: Hopefully there will be people interested.
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