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Originally Posted by Kiro View Post

10-17k is actually more than I was expecting. Currently paying $15k/year, which is much less than the $35k I paid for during my first year up in Boston ($30k tuition + $20k room/board - $15k scholarship). I will owe about $90k when I graduate. The number is intimidating, but what I'm betting on is this: working hard while I'm young and relaxing when I'm older vs. working harder and harder my entire life until I'm burnt out. There are no guarantees, of course, but this path has a little more statistical certainty than most other paths.
I'm sorry I saw this and had to comment. i am paying back 50k. All on my own. I have a good job but between this and all my other bills I can pay the minimum each month. Basically I am paying a ton more in insurance, but unless you strike it rich right off, you will be paying back more than the loans you took out. So as long as you know this and plan for it, you will both be fine.

Ok, sorry I cut in, wandering back to my corner now.
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