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Got one for you, (that is, if its still on for this year). Its even usually in the Hotel block for Anime Expo. Trust me, it is WORTH IT to get a hotel block room because of the shuttle.
Kawada Hotel

There is a link for my review of the Kawada. the price per night *plus taxes* (This is ballparking it from last year) is 102 dollars for two people (one room). Thats 408 for 4 days. The parking is 22 dollars a day (to park it in the hotel parking lot). The location is awesome because it is only 3 blocks from Japantown and the connected restaurant is OUT OF THIS WORLD. BEST AVO BLT EVER. The desserts were great too! two blocks down is a little taco house that has decent burgers late at night too.

I'm extremely broke myself and I was able to afford it. If you get a hotel not in the hotel block, you are either going to have to use public transportation or park in the convention center. one of my friends stayed at another hotel not in the hotel block and said she paid a lot of money in parking fees.

PM me if you have any questions. I saved all my spreadsheets from last year that I used to calculate costs.
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