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Or me. I'm Canadian, so Disneyland trips are even more monumentally expensive with having to fly more than halfway down the continent. Obviously I always wanted to go as a kid, but my parents basically didn't take vacations. Even camping (not visiting grandma at the seasonal campground/trailer park, actual legit camping). The only actual vacation I remember taking as a kid as a family was a trip to Niagara Falls/Marineland when I was six. Fortunately I remember a ton of it and had a great time, plus a bunch of souvenirs. We also went to Calgary (especially their zoo) to visit one of my Aunts when I was two and a half, but I don't remember anything of it, I just saw the pictures. I also managed to convince Mom and her boyfriend at the time to take a day trip to the Toronto Zoo in the summer when I was 15, but that wasn't exactly a big vacation (it's three hours on the highway to Toronto, so it was only a one-day trip). We also went to Ottawa to visit a family member a lot for one year and went to a lot of their museums. Also, yes, I love zoo and aquarium trips, if it weren't obvious enough. XD If I both lived AND drove in Toronto I'd get a season pass to theirs.
I always wanted to go to Disney when I was younger, too. It was way too expensive for my family which I realize now! We would, however, take trips to Aquariums and zoos as a family, which was actually better and I have a lot of fond memories of it. I'm not really a big amusement park person, rides scare me to death since I'm so neurotic I'm always afraid they'll break down and I'll get hurt.

I love the zoos and aquariums, also. They're probably my favorite vacations to date with my family :>.

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Kōhai. Her name is now Kōhai.
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