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Thumbs up Awesome Anime North 101 guide

Awesome job guys!

Here are some of the points you've mentioned above I'd like to stress:

YES! This is important. Ask any of our DJ's. Also they are great for when you are trying to sleep and others are still awake and noisy in the hotel

YES! YES! YES! Very important!

This stuff is awesome. I use it for my pro makeup. Available locally in Canada online here: Final Seal.

-Do not try to cross the grassy area infront of the TCC by going through the ditch. Its a bayou and it eats children.

This is just awesome and hilarious. In addendum please try to avoid dodging the Dixon road traffic and cross at the light not in the middle of the street. The weirdness of the con is distracting enough to drivers without them having the play Frogger with you as well.

A few more tips from experience:

Use painters tape or another means to mark your id and contact info your cords and electronics. If your chargers get lost, or picked up by staff or another person, you are more likely to get them back

Bring a highlighter and take a few minutes to read thru your program book when you get it. Many of these tips and policies are in the first 5 or 6 pages. Also you do not want to miss anything you would really want to see or do because you didn't bother to read it.

*** Some masquerade 101's.***

Plan ahead!

If you're unsure about anything masquerade related please contact the Masquerade Directors in advance with questions via masquerade(at)

You can download your entry form in advance and fill it out. You might want to do this to save time at the convention. Also you can fill it in on the computer which is tidy and nice for the MC.

Check the sound regulations each year to be sure you are submitting your sound in an approved format. We want everyone's sound to work so please make it easy for us to help you be your best!
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