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Originally Posted by OtakuQueen View Post
Iv been looking at wigs in the MarketPlace forum, and I keep seeing adds that say "skin top, mid-length, etc". What is a skintop on a wig? Why is it important/necessary? What are the pros and cons of having a skintop wig? Whats the difference between a wig with a skintop and a wig with no skintop? How does it affect how it looks once your wearing it? Thanks in advance ^^
Basically it's a type of latex (or other similar stuff) that's suppose to give the impression of the scalp showing through the top of the wig, the way real hair would. Skin top wigs are good choices for people who will be parting their wig in specific ways (like say, a zig-zag part) or may be styling it in particular ways, like pulling pieces up. It's not always the best choice for up-do styles but it's just one variation of wig style that is good for particular purposes like lace front's*

*Just in case you're not familiar with lace-front wigs either:
Lace-front wigs are wigs that are made with the hair tied into the base, most commonly they just come with a large portion of fine mesh 'lace' (sort of like stockings) in the front instead of being entirely based on the 'lace'. The lace would be cut to the needed length to cover your own hairline with a little extra to spare.

They're good for character that have visible hairlines in the front where bangs would normally cover your own hairline. For example, a character who has a sharp widows-peak, someone with their hair pushed back/ties back, etc. The front of the wig is kept flat against your head with strong adhesives. I believe Arda-Wigs has a video tutorial out on how to wear them.

Skin top:

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