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Originally Posted by Bisected8 View Post
They've been saying that since 300BC.
Exactly. People, whether young or old, are not any ruder or stupider than they ever were. The difference is that it is easier for them to make themselves seen and heard. In the olden days you were only exposed to the idiots in your immediate vicinity. Now with modern transportation and the magic of the internet, you get to see idiocy from all parts of the world.

Originally Posted by Arc_The_Lad View Post
There is a Disney on Ice show at the stadium here, I find it odd that parents are bringing infants to it, wouldn't it be a waste since it wouldn't understand what is going on?
Maybe the parents are Disney fans. Because it's a kid friendly event, they don't have to pay a babysitter - they can just bring the baby along.

Originally Posted by LoliLovely View Post
We're going to get some more tests done. I just hope I'm not infertile. I mean, Im not gonna have babies now, but in the future I may and most likely will want a few. It should be alright though.
Good luck. Try not to stress too much until the tests are done. Once you have more info you'll know better what you are dealing with.
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