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Hello~. I need some new ideas and inspirations to cosplaying, so I hope that you could help me~.

Age: 19
Height: 5' 8 // 173cm
Weight: Idon'treallyknowbutI'mkindaskinny
Gender: Female
I can wear wigs and contact lenses etc. etc.
I have been cosplaying now 6 years so I can make props and sew.
You can suggest some western animation, western comics, manga, anime and game characters. One thing what I can't cosplay is TV(IRL) characters. It's just not my thing.
I have really androgyny body shape, so cosplaying male characters is not a big deal. I actually like cosplaying male characters more than female characters, because my chest area is really small.

This is me cosplaying "as a girl" (Marceline): LINK
And this is me cosplaying "as a boy" (Hibari): LINK
Picture of my (baby)face: LINK
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