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This is an amazing list. Just a few things (some may have been mentioned in the list) that I've learned the past few years of conventions:

-BRING A BLOW DRYER, especially if your hair is longer than ear length. I'm not sure about other hotels, but the Doubletree supplies blow dryers with about the same drying power as something blowing on your hair. My hair's chest length and it took me almost an hour to dry it completely. To save time, bring your own (unless you really don't want to carry the extra weight on the way to the con)

-If you're planning to eat out at a restaurant for dinner (Montana's, etc.), make sure to book ahead, especially in the evening. At dinner time, there's about a 1.5-2 hour wait at all the restaurants, even the ones miles away.

-Bring snacks. Snacks that aren't from the dealer's room or aren't fast food (like granola bars, fruit, and nuts) are rather hard to procure. It'll save you a lot of money/time to bring your own snacks :3

-Make sure to do a test-run of your wig before the con. Sometimes certain wig caps won't feel tight the first hour of wearing them, but once you've had them on for a few hours you start getting a headache. Make sure to wear something comfortable that won't end up hurting you during the con.
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