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Another very possitive thing I found out, sometimes when may be seen as a cyst can also just be some sort of weird "bubble". I can't really explain what it is. So hopefully with more testing, thats what it it ^-^
Until you know for sure I agree with Hag, but I totally understand that 'calm' is probably not going to be an easy task right now. The good news is that all things considered you are much more likely to have a benign cyst that can be treated easily or with surgery that can do little damage to your baby-makin' business parts.

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Don't be angry, she is still my mom. xD
I think what's upsetting is we care very much for you, love you, and want the best for you. Particularly when it comes to your heath and things that are dangerous. It's just upsetting that your mother would put your health on the back burner in favor of you being a drama queen. But I know how hard it can be to just say "She's a bad person!" when it's your family.
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