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Hey there.
Just stumbled over this thread suddenly. Never knew there was one for the FF classic games. I don't know much about I - V but I'm a great fan of FF VI and already chose to cosplay Celes back in 2009 (although only playstation intro version and well... wasn't as skilled as today back then). Currently I happen to be part of a FF VI cosplay group planned for a con in late July and going to cosplay Locke if I can decide on a particular design.
As already discussed here it isn't an easy choice although I already took a look at quite some fanarts, cosplays, the Amano artworks and have the sprite in mind as well of course. Maybe I just have to go out and look what I find regarding patterns and decorations. But I'll try my best and I believe Seifer-sama is right that
"it takes a while to really decide what you want to use and what you want to ignore, but the result is usually a unique costume that still looks like its original design".
It's quite something different from other cosplays I am used to and also an interesting challenge, not to say FF VI cosplays are unfortunately very very rare here in Germany (except for Dissidia Terra and Kefka).
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