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For those of you that do not use Facebook, please private message VampireSin or myself to apply for the 18+ Dating Game with this information.

Please provide a full body image of the completed cosplay you are submitting. If the cosplay is unfinished, you must have it completed by February 4th and that is the last day we will take submissions.

Sex of the Character: (Not your sex.)
Would you like to ask the questions or answer them?
Ask or Answer.
Please say what you are comfortable being in:
Yaoi, Yuri, Regular, or All Rounds.

Please provide a small explanation of the character, we don't know everyone. Give us personality, pet peeves, what they like, etc. Just a couple sentences so we get the feel of the character.

Otakon 2013
August 9th - 11th.
Dracule Mihawk ~ One Piece
Book ~ One Piece
Bixlow ~ Fairy Tail
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