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I have to agree: It’s really random what ppl like and decide to cosplay indeed or rather which ppl you ask, meet and for which ideas they’ll join you.
XD Sounds like a flash xD. But I know what you mean… Although I have already… well about a dozen versions of Gokudera it’s my shame I can’t stop… There are still some more I’d like to cosplay… ^^’’

And thanks. I’m positive we’ll have as much fun as possible that day.
Already got ideas how to make the trident? Guess they’re also very unique for every cosplayer.

Besides currently making my boxes which takes more time again than I thought, but I guess the outcome will be fine.

Shape doesn’t matter that much… There are always chars for every shape. Tell him. Only if you are set on a certain character it might take some overcoming.
That’s a pity that your friend will be away, but time goes by much too fast anyway ^^’’. Good choice to make the best out of it. And you are right about the suit of course although I’d not had yet another character to use mine for, but that’s more or less only a question of time I think.

If there weren’t the Atlantic Ocean and countless miles in between I’d happily attend . Wish you luck though.
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