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Eh, sure, why not? THis could be fun.

Name: Classified (If you would rather not call me by my screen name or "Hey, you!", just call me Terui Ryu for now since that's my last cosplay)
Gender: Male
Location: Hunterdon County, NJ. Will be moving to Union County in September.

Summary: I am a 23 year old hispanic guy who is currently enrolled in college and has a steady part time job. I am pretty skinny for a guy. I enjoy cosplaying and taking pictures at cons, in fact I plan on doing photography as a serious hobby and would love to get some advice from people. I am a somewhat private person online but don't let that fool you once we meet in person as I do enjoy talking and making friends but it takes a lot more for me to be open online than in person. I am often described as quirky and humorous but at the same time, very perceptive of the world around me and would rather have long discussions about stuff. I also enjoy helping others and is willing to help out with a problem.

Likes: Besides cosplay, I enjoy, anime, manga, video games, comic books, toku, photography, listening to music (I'm a rock, jazz, and electronic kind of person), bike riding, cats (and other animals, generally), learning about foreign culture, and traveling (although that is on hold due to saving money for cons). I am also recently getting into western cartoons and live action shows again.

Dislikes: I do not enjoy homophobes, racists, and/or immature people. I also do not like extremely judgmental people, especially if you label them opposite to what they actually are. On a more mundane note, I have cynophobia (fear of dogs) from an accident I had with one when I was three years old. I also do not like being touched unexpectedly so please let me know before you suddenly decide to glomp me (unless we are in a relationship).

What I am looking for: Generally speaking, I am always looking for friends. Although I prefer to find friends locally, I don't mind if you want to get to know me but you are from somewhere like Florida, there may be a chance we can meet up for cons. I am not actively looking but I am open to having something more. I am bisexual so I won't discriminate between guys and girls, however I will not do any long distance relationships since its just not my thing.
Cosplaying for 2012
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