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Originally Posted by Elleyferranis View Post
I haven't seen the series but I googled up some pictures. Your outfit looks great. In all the pictures I found his hair seems kinda messier than you have yours. =T
That's what I thought, too. Guess I'll style the wig again to make it messier. But then again his hair changes from messy to straight and back to messy all the time during the seasons. It's hard to settle for something xD
But thank you! C:

Originally Posted by Identity-Crisis View Post
I love the photos you have of this.
Like you said I think the only thing that really needs work is the face.
Try filling in your eyebrows a bit just to give more of a masculine look. Not too much though or it'll look funny.

What are you using right now to do your stubble?
I wasn't so sure about the eyesbrows because in the series Misha has kinda small eyebrows so I didn't want to risk to do 'too much' if I filled them. But I'll give it a try next time!
And - as stupid as it sounds - I used coal for the beard. I already got me aqua makeup and tried to give it a more 'stubble-ish' look with that. It works way better than with the coal.
Anyway, thank you very much! <3
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