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Bleach/Les Miserables Masquerade

Ok... so we are looking for some people for the masquerade event at Zenkaikon 2013
Zenkaikon is March 22-24th in Lancaster PA.

we are looking for Bleach cosplayers who can hold a tune.
The song is One Day More from Les Miserables.
seen here
We are looking for the following:
Marius: Ishida or Renji
Cosette: Orihime
Javert: Byakuya or Yamamoto or A Male Espada or Aizen
Enjoloras: Ichigo
Thenadiers: 2 Espada Characters (Preferably 1M+1F) OR anyone from Squad 4 (hanatarou/ Unohana)

Valjean is Urahara and Eponine is Rukia... both already casted

Any number of extra characters are welcome to join in the chorus as long as you are in a bleach cosplay, Not a repeat of one of the listed characters, and can hold a tune.
We can help with musical instruction if necessary.

We are open to some casting suggestions and some of the lyrics may be changed to fit the Hueco Mundo Arc. If certain positions can't be filled then we may need to fill them with other characters to make it work. We are trying to avoid shipping characters as much as possible to keep everyone happy...

if you are interested please say where you are located so we can fit in at least 3 rehearsals.

We are looking to keep this stress free and have alot of fun with it. Maybe we could even break into a flash mob in the middle of the con (probably with another song though). HAHA
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