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Im not entirely sure how I am going to do the trident but I do have some ideas. I might want to try some different methods of making things (I can never make things easy for myself sheesh)
I might hold off on that until I can get my boots for him and height things. That way I will know how long to make it 100%
Oh gosh tell me about it. I keep adding more to what I want to cosplay and I really cant wait to get it together. In four months I am trying to get Present Squalo, Mukuro and possibly Spanner done.
Especially Squalo because now we also have a Mammon (possibly a Levi for our group in the winter but no Xanxus yet aaaaahhhhh)

I wish I could! Sounds fabulous, sadly I live in California and going out of state for a con is beyond my means right now. I wish you luck though!
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