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Originally Posted by Valeada View Post
I'm planning on Cosplaying Galadriel from The Lord Of The Rings and need a bit of help figuring out how to do the wig.
is Galadriel. Sadly I wasn't able to find a picture that showed exactly how long her hair is, but the end result I'm looking for is about 100cm after it's been styled. As you can see she has these perfect little waves in her hair that I can't seem to find anywhere apart from on rather expensive wigs.. So I've pretty much resigned myself to styling it myself. MY only problem is that I don't really know how I would do that.
The wig I'm considering buying is this: but it would be helpful if anyone had any suggestions for better wigs and/or ways to style a wig the way I need it.
Thank you for any and all help
My hair actually looks exactly like Galadriels lol xD But to exaggerate my soft waves I always do one or two loose braids when my hair is wet (sometimes only one because my hair is thin, but the point is you want BIG thick braids) and then sleep on it. Of course you can't sleep with a wig but braid it wet then dry it like that and the waves should come out like hers.
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