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There was an Umineko/Higurashi photoshoot at Anime North 2012, but it wasn't on all the schedules, so not many people knew about it. My BF and I went as Mion and Keiichi, and there were four other Higurashi cosplayers. There were quite a few Umineko cosplayers there, though. If there's a group, I might bust Mion out again. I bought a new wig, even!
Sorry for such a late reply. I completely forgot about this and with everything.
Anyways, I wish I knew about it, I would have shown up.
Do you know or anyone know if there will be photoshoot at AN 2013 on the photoshoots schedule?
I'm planning as going as Bernkastel again. I'd love to meet other Umineko cosplayers.
Thank you.
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