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USE A FINISHING SPRAY! It will keep your makeup on your face even if you sweat. Here's my routine.
Moisturizer on face after cleansing, primer, foundation, a teensy bit more pimer then translcent powder which is also called setting powder then finishing spray. It keeps your makeup on you face for hours. For the fixing spray also called finishing spray, i'd recommend the Skindinavia spray. This will keep your makeup from sliding off even if you are sweating and dont forget your primer! And since you have an oily face you should put moisturizer before putting on makeup because if you dont, your face will start producing more oil because it will think your face needs to be moisturized. I use smashboxx camera ready bb cream and this is a life saver for me. It has a tinit moisturizer, primer, spf 30 sunblock, concealer, foundation, oil control, its oil free, and it even help improves your face.
You can buy the skindinavia here
The translucent powder i use is the n0.7 setting powder.
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