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I have a yellowy tan skin color and my avatar icon is white because i use makeup. Your makeup will not look 'fake' or cakey if you apply it well. 'Sides, the animated picture you put up does not look real as us or in other words, natural. You'll need makeup if you want to be that skin tone or you can go bleach your skin but even if you do bleach your skin and have a fair skin tone, you'll atleast need to wear makeup to achieve that look. I've used mac, smashbox, makeup forever products and they look really nice and they will not get cakey if you know how to apply it well. I wouldn't use cheapy products for this look though. I once tried drugstore products to go white and regretted it, it was horrible quality, haha. I hope you learn from my mistake lol. You can use a white foundation called, illamasqua. I recommend it.
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