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Originally Posted by bana View Post
Thanks for your opinion! I may go on doing Sam now, I'm not so sure between the two. Any ideas on what wig/colour from Arda would be good for him? I'm aiming around season 4-5 if that helps. I was looking at Hansel in spanish brown or dark brown, but I'm not too sure again. I like to make sure.
I've actually asked this question and gotten a lovely answer, and I've ordered the wig but I sent it home rather than to university because I didn't need it quite yet, so I can't help you with what it looks like. Yazoo_the_Kazoo recommends the Lulu from Arda in Spanish Brown. I have Lulus in different colors and it's actually a great wig that only needs a bit of styling. If you part it down the center, it doesn't show 'like woah here's the net!' so it's quite nice.

But if you feel that the wig would be too long for you and you don't want to cut it, since you're aiming for 4-5 Sam, the hansel or the derek are really nice wigs that you can comb and get to lie flatter, and the layers would already be there. Be sure to look at as many customer photos as you can to see what people have done with theirs and what length and style you like the most.
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