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We have quite a few Hellsings here in Canada, at least at Anime North anyways... I have a group starting up and going to various cons this year that has Alucard (me), Seras, Integra and Rip van Winkle, and maybe some others too...
we have a facebook @, a dA @ and a youtube at if anyone is interested... I have a couple Alucard teaser pics up and my Seras and Integra should be joining me for a shoot on Feb 16th-ish and then Seras, Rip and I have a shoot at a con the next weekend...

You should be starting to see a revival of Hellsing because OVAs 5-8 we released in English in November and OVA 10 was released in Japan in December! 10 year anniversary of Hellsing was recently too!
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