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Originally Posted by Kaliza View Post
On the plus side, a lot of companies are coming out with lower sodium versions of things now, however what they consider "lower" sodium can still be high...
So true. Always check the label. Worst offenders that you may not think about are salad dressings and soups. Even the "low sodium" soups are very salty. Anything pre-made or in a can is likely to have a lot of salt.

Originally Posted by Kaliza View Post
What kinds of foods do you like?
Yes, knowing this would make it easier to make suggestions.

Originally Posted by DowagerAtWork View Post
It's going to sound painfully simple, but you just need to start eating whole foods. The best way to limit one's sodium intake is to simply avoid packaged food as much as possible.
Absolutely! This would also be a good opportunity to learn to cook, if you don't already. Anything that you make at home is going to be better for you than packaged or processed. Unfortunately, it is more time consuming. :/ Still, fresh fruits and vegetables and raw nuts are quick and easy snacks.

On the bright side - salt is definitely an acquired taste. After a while, you won't even miss it. Things that you used to eat will seem super salty to you. And there are lots of other seasonings to give things variety - garlic, ginger, lemon, curry, etc. Some mixes (like curry and chili powders) have salt added, so check the label. Penzeys has lots of fabulous salt-free spice blends.
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